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  • Do you have labor shortage issues?

  • Are you looking for qualified personnel and you cannot find them?

  • Do you have a high need for workers to cover?


Fill out the form to benefit from a more personalized service!

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Thank you so much! We will get back to you soon!


Maximize the success of your international mobility with our team!

YourTeam is an international recruitment firm whose mission is to influence the economic development of your company by optimizing human capital through diversification and increasing skills through innovative processes.

Our firm has its license from the CNESST under the number AR-2000256 for the category of agency for the recruitment of temporary foreign workers.

We believe that the wealth of a company goes through its staff.


It is for this reason that YourTeam International innovates with an individual-based approach by becoming your personal representative.

We have a complete service offer for the recruitment of personnel for companies.

You are looking for a talent for your business, we will find it!

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We offer you services adapted to your needs!

We have understood for a long time that behind a resume, there are human beings with their story, their dreams and their family.

That's why, at Your Job International, our job is to know the candidates and understand their needs, both professional and family, in order to find a competent employee who is happy to be in your environment.

Our selection and candidate preparation process promotes an excellent retention rate for your staff.





Companies in Canada are suffering from a talent shortage that is holding back their growth.

The active pool of employees is shrinking year after year, resulting in a hunt for staff.

A solution is offered to you, talents from abroad.

YourTeam International selects these foreign talents for you in many parts of the world.


Our recruiting staff is present:

In Europe (France, Switzerland and Spain), in Latin America (Chile, Colombia, Mexico ...) in North Africa (Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria), in Sub-Saharan Africa (Ivory Coast, Senegal, Cameroon and Burkina Faso) and finally in Asia (China)


Throughout the process, you will be accompanied by competent members of our team, as well as an immigration advisor.

We will make sure you make your life easier for you to have a pleasant experience.

Take advantage of your competition!

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Following the analysis of your workforce needs, our team supports the rigorous process of recruiting, selecting, evaluating skills and managing hiring.


The candidate becomes your employee from the first day. A three-month warranty may apply, depending on certain terms and conditions.



Do you have a very targeted need? A specific profile you are looking for?


Our expert team will put in place a strategy that can identify resources that will quickly contribute to the growth of your business.


This whole process is done in close collaboration with your HR resources.



Before the arrival of the foreign worker and in order to facilitate the integration of the employee, we meet the employer to advise and assist him/her in the various steps to set up such as:

  • Housing search, pre-purchases, etc.

  • Assistance in the purchase of airfares and temporary insurance.

  • Preparation of the welcome within the company.


Support for foreign workers as soon as the job offer is confirmed:

Information sessions are offered on the following topics:

  • Corporate culture

  • The values of Canadian society

  • Settle in Canada


After the arrival of the foreign worker, we offer the following services:

Airport reception.

Accompaniment of the workers to open the bank account, obtain a SIN and register with the RAMQ.

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