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Foreign workers

Aide à la mobilité Connexion Canada supports the mobility of foreign workers by offering services ranging from an analysis of your professional and academic background to your integration into Canadian society.


The Canadian labor market is in short supply and we want to give you the best of us to make your career goal achievable.


Take advantage of our foreign worker mobility assistance service in Canada now!

Profile analysis

The initial step is probably to analyze your Curriculum Vitae. Afterwards, we communicate with you by phone, or via web-conference or in person to analyze and know you more ...


Coaching tools

We have prepared for you personalized career coaching tools such as resume writing according to the Canadian standards, cover letter and preparation for job interview.

Travailler sur l'ordinateur

Preparation of your application

The preparation of your application includes the evaluation of academic credentials, placement tests, verification of your references and also preparation of cards summarizing the history and values ​​of your last employer. .

Dossiers Dans les affaires

Job search

Job search requires methodology, Connexion Canada Aide à la mobilité offers you the opportunity to be guided and supported throughout the process.

You are no longer alone, We are with you now!

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