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AVS- Starting a business new program in synchronous mode (online) and in the classroom

- Free program 

Choice to follow the courses in synchronous mode (virtual classes) or in class

- Flexible day, evening and weekend schedules

- Eligible for loans and grants

- The diplomas will be issued by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MEES)

Objectives of the program:


Acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes that allow you to start a business, start a business, develop a marketing, communication and sales strategy, apply concepts of business management, negotiate its funding and develop a business plan.

List of modules


  • Module 1 Business project and training 30 hour (s)

  • Module 2 Computer tools 30 hour (s)

  • Module 3 Business plan structure 30 hour (s)

  • Module 4 Marketing and Sales 105 hour (s)

  • Module 5 Resource planning 60 hour (s)

  • Module 6 Financial plan 75 hour (s)


Total 330 hour (s)

Training duration:
Starting a Business is an 11-16 week course.

Conditions of admission:

  • Anyone benefiting from free education in Québec

  • Usual level of French

  • No pre-requisite

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