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001 (514) 395-8585

Maximize the success of your international mobility with our team!

We believe that the wealth of a company goes through its staff. It is for this reason that YourJob International innovates with an individual-based approach by becoming your personal representative.


We are your eyes and ears to find you the best jobs and environment matching your criteria.

The main element that differentiates us from the competition is that we are not looking for a profile to respond to a job offer, but to find a company that will offer you a job that meets your expectations. Believe us, that's the difference!

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Our services

Analyzing your profile:

Before we confirm that we are committed to representing you with employers, we will analyze your profile and your expectations to establish prospects for success.


A $ 150 non-refundable fee is required for this service. These fees will be deducted from the program fee if you are accepted.

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Massive submissions of your application:

After targeting companies that use profiles that yours, we will show them your skills and experiences.

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Writing and adapting your CV:

We will write or modify your CV according to Canadian standards. In addition, we will adapt your CV to respond to job offers from companies.

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Job search:

We will give the main employability websites to find all the offers that might meet your expectations.

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Monthly Activity Report:

Each month, we will send you a monthly activity report on the steps taken in your file.

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