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ASP- Synchronous representation (online) in French or English

-Free program

-Choice to follow the courses in synchronous mode (virtual classes)

- Flexible day and evening schedules

- Eligible for loans and grants

- The diplomas will be issued by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MEES)

Objectives of the program:


It is recommended that you have two screens on your computer.


Non-Technical Sales Representatives - Wholesale Trade sell non-technical goods and services to retailers, wholesalers, and commercial, industrial or specialty establishments, as well as other customers in Canada and abroad

Training duration

 (6 months)

Conditions of admission:


To be admitted to this program, it suffices to meet one of the following conditions:


  • The person holds a DVS or is recognized for equivalent learning.

  • OR The person exercises a trade or profession related to this program of study.

  • Functional prerequisites It should be noted that the functional prerequisites do not apply for professional specialization certificate (ASP) programs.

List of modules:

  • Profession and training Professional relationships

  •  Management of time

  • Commercial calculations

  • Representation Prospecting

  • Integration into the workplace




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