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DEP- Secretariat in synchronous mode (online)

-Free program

-Choice to follow the courses in synchronous mode (virtual classes)

- Flexible day and evening schedules - Eligible for loans and grants

- The diplomas will be issued by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MEES)

Objectives of the program:

The training is given at a rate of 30 hours per week, we can adapt it to a minimum rate of 20 hours per week. It is recommended that you have two screens on your computer. The secretariat is an office job which consists of taking care of, on behalf of another employee or agent, his mail, his telephone communications, the drafting of meeting minutes, the management of his employment. time, It alleviates certain activities in particular by helping to organize its actions, etc.

training Program

(12 months) 


Conditions of admission

To be admitted to this secretarial program, it suffices to meet one of the following conditions:


The person holds a high school diploma or its recognized equivalent (e.g. attestation of equivalence in level of education) or a higher education diploma, such as a college diploma or a bachelor's degree.


OR The person is at least 16 years old on September 30 of the school year in which he begins his training and obtained Secondary IV credits in language of instruction, second language and mathematics in programs of 'studies established by the Minister or carried out apprenticeships recognized as being equivalent.


OR The person is at least 18 years old at the time of undertaking his training and has the functional prerequisites, that is, the successful completion of the general development test as well as the specific prerequisites (see the table below), or has achieved learning recognized as equivalent.


OR The person has obtained Secondary III credits in the language of instruction, second language and mathematics in study programs established by the Minister and will continue his general training in conjunction with his professional training to obtain Secondary IV credits which he is lacking in the language of instruction, the second language and mathematics in study programs established by the Minister.

List of modules:


  • Job and training 15 hour (s) Fingering method (Logitell) 75 hour (s)

  • Text review 90 hour (s) Information management (Sofad) 60 hour (s) Word 2016

  • Basic functions 90 hour (s) Writing in French 90 hour (s) Access 2016

  • Basic functions 30 hour (s) Current accounting tasks 120 hour (s)

  • Quality approach (Sofad, digital) 15 hour (s) Periodic accounting tasks 60 hour (s) Communication (digital) 30 hour (s) Telecommunication tools with Outlook 2016 30 hour (s)

  • Correspondence in French (Sofad) 90 hour (s) 2016

  • Logitell Spreadsheet 60 hour (s) Time management (digital) 30 hour (s)




List of modules:


  • Communication in English (digital) and Easy essential grammar (2 volumes)

  • Correspondence in English (digital) and Business Communication 90 hour (s)

  • Labor laws (digital) 30 hour (s) English translation (Cémeq) 60 hour (s)

  • Word 2016 advanced word processor -

  • Advanced functions 60 hour (s)

  • Desktop publishing 2016 (Word) 60 hour (s) Document production 75 hour (s)

  • Business meetings (digital) 30 hour (s) File update (digital) 15 hour (s) Job search (digital) 30 hour (s) Integration into the workplace 75 hour (s)

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