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Live in regions

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lac Paysage

Discover the regions of Quebec

YourTeam International assists you in your search for employment, training and regional installation. Contact us for more information.

Les étudiants adultes

Study in  region

We help you in the choice of educational program, city and housing. Do you know that many educational institutions in the regions offering programs that are usually limited in large urban centers are ready to welcome you to small classes, thus promoting your success? Plus, it's great for reducing your cost of living expenses.

Brillante idée

Work in region

Take advantage of job offers not only in the mines of the Far North and discover a variety of jobs in highly skilled trades.

Regions also need entrepreneurs, so get the entrepreneur out of you and let us help you get started!


Here are some advantages for workers in the region:

- Natural park in the heart of cities, hiking trails, majestic lakes ...;

- Cost of affordable living; - Tax credit up to $ 8000 for new graduates working in remote resource regions ...

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