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DEP- Adjointe administrative en mode synchrone (en ligne) disponible seulement en français

(condition- DEP secrétariat terminé)

-Free training 

-Choice to follow  synchronous mode  (virtual classes)

- Flexible hours of day and evening 

- Eligible for loans and grants

- The diplomas will be issued by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MÉES)

Program objectives:

The training is given at a rate of 30 hours per week, we can adapt it at a minimum rate of 20 hours per week.
It is recommended that you have two screens on your computer.
No business can do without the expertise of administrative support professionals. This sector includes the positions of administrative assistant, administrative and office automation technician, telephone operator, receptionist and secretary. For this program you must have a DEP in secretarial work.

training duration

Diet of 30H / week = 25 weeks (6 months)

Diet of 20 hours / week = 27.5 weeks (8 to 9 months)

Conditions of admission

  • To be admitted to this program, you must have a DEP in Secretariat completed

  • A person who has reached the age of 18 may be admitted to a study program leading to a Diploma of Vocational Studies (DEP) on the basis of the functional prerequisites. These functional prerequisites, prescribed for a person who has reached the age of 18 on the start date of attendance declared in the professional study program are: passing the general development test (TDG) and obtaining and passing the tests relating to specific prerequisites in language of instruction and mathematics, if applicable.

Liste des modules:

  • Métier et formation 

  • Calcul de pièces 

  • Gestion de l’encaisse

  • Traitement de données, fonctions de base – Access Logitell 

  • Tâches courantes 2 guides, Groupe GD 

  • Efficience 

  • Coût d’un bien et d’un service

  • Tâches de fin de période Sofad 

  • Tâches de fin d’année Sofad 

  • Déclaration de revenus Groupe GD DT-MAX 

  • Système comptable Groupe GD 

  • Intégration au milieu de travail 




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