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The YourTeam International, Middle East & Gulf team is there to support you in your decision-making throughout your process for all matters affecting the mobility of international students, foreign workers and immigration.


Well supported by its head office located in Montreal, Canada, counting on professionals with more than 15 years of experience, our Dubai office will be able to answer your questions with professionalism and honesty. Because we know that behind each request, there are humans, families and everyone with their goal and objective to achieve.


Canada is welcoming more and more international students each year from a wide variety of countries. Canada now ranks fourth in the world as a recipient of international post-secondary students. The number of foreign students and temporary workers from the Middle East & the Gulf has more than doubled in Canada over the past 10 years.




Looking to invest your assets, know that Canada remains one of the best safe countries in North America to invest in. We will put our expertise and our network at your service!






Canada's education systems are comprehensive and internationally recognized for their high quality. Graduate degrees from Canadian universities, including master's and doctoral degrees, are highly valued internationally and generally offer competitive tuition fees.


There is now a lot of flexibility within the Canadian post-secondary system, with colleges, polytechnics and universities increasingly cooperating to give students the exact training they need for their chosen careers.


Students can compose their own education. In addition, Canada has incredible experience in all-out post-secondary education: international students come here to receive quality, relevant education in safe and exciting communities and cities. They learn from their academic / technical studies, yes, but also from living in a dynamic and accepting culture.


Come see us! We work from your profile and your goals, to guide you in making the best choices for your future.

Dubai office:

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Building 7, Business Bay

Dubai, Emirats Arabes Unis

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Canada is among the most affordable destinations for international students; it offers lower tuition fees than the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia, for example.


Given the excellent reputation and high quality of Canadian diplomas and credentials, this financial accessibility is exceptional and offers incredible value for money!


Did you know that international students can work during their studies, in particular by taking advantage of numerous opportunities for cooperative education, internships and off-campus work. There are also immigration programs that international students can apply for after graduation.




Since 2004, the United Nations has regularly ranked Canada in the top 10 countries in the world according to its quality of life index. Combining excellent educational institutions, an innovative economy, a tolerant and safe culture and extraordinary beauty, Canada is an ideal destination for international students.


Canadian universities are recognized for a variety of programs and qualifications that meet the highest international standards.

Institutions across the country offer thriving campus communities that support world-class research environments. Canada's educational institutions have long been incubators of innovation.


BlackBerry, flat screen technology, SMART cards, voice compression applications for cellphones and computers, and IMAX film are just some of the revolutionary technologies invented and developed by men and women who studied in Canada .




The Canadian government offers many immigration programs for students and expatriates. Government policy encourages students to apply for permanent residence in Canada under various federal immigration programs. In view of this we are at your disposal to help you prepare your expatriation or study project in Canada and we wish you every success.


International students have the opportunity to work during their studies on and off campus and through the cooperative work permit program. In addition, the post-graduate work permit program offers post-graduation work opportunities to students who have graduated from participating Canadian institutions.


“International collaboration in higher education contributes to success on many levels, both nationally and globally.


Inviting international students and researchers to Canadian classrooms and laboratories is helping to create new jobs and opportunities for Canadians while addressing skills and labor shortages. Perhaps most importantly, international education fosters the people-to-people ties that are essential for long-term success in an increasingly interconnected global economy. " 2014, Ed Fast, Canadian Minister for International Trade-

YourTeam International, Middle East & Gulf

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